Product Details

Roller Tools for Metal Spinning

Roller Tool Life Comparsion
Nylon     8 hours
Acetal       10 hours
Laminated Phenolic     16 hours
Duraspin®   192 hours
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Duraspin® Product Use
Duraspin is ideal for hydraulic, flow forming, necking-in and pressure compensating metal spinning equipment. Duraspin roller burnishing tool parts perform under conditions that are normally considered too harsh for thermoplastic materials. With a Continuous Use Temperature of 450° F, Duraspin maintains superior strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures. As a result, a longer operating life is realized relative to many competing materials.

Coolants are typically not required, but may be used for optimum finishes or close tolerances. If coolants are used, a spray mist of water soluble oil is recommended Pressurized air or vacuum is commonly used for chip removal and as a light coolant.

Because of plastic’s inherent differences, you may wish to experiment with tool materials, angles, speeds and feeds to obtain optimum results.

Show Me the Money!    Roller Tool Life Comparison*

Case Study - Duraspin® vs. Other Roller Tool Materials

Roller Tool Material Duraspin Nylon Acetal Laminated Phenolic
Material $1,800 $250 $340 $660
Fabrication Cost 125 125 125 125
Installation and Redressing (Labor) 35 35 35 35
Downtime for Installation 250 250 250 250
Total Installed Cost $2,210 $660 $750 $1,070
Part Life 192 hours 8 hours 10 hours 16 hours
Parts Needed per Year (1,040 hours/yr.) 6 130 104 65
Annualized Cost $13,260 $85,800 $78,000 $69,550

* Case Study uses roller tools 7.0” OD x 2.0” ID x 2.0” Thickness
Duraspin® is a registered trademark of Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products